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the first uni-sex tie company

who & what

Hi!  I'm Tricia Tanaka, THANK YOU for checking out my clothing.  I have dreamt of creating this line for many years and with a lot hard work, I am so happy the time has come.  Through many sleepless nights dancing, I have been inspired by nightlife...the feeling of freedom, expression and fun.  My past creations entailed a lot of costumes and themed outfits.  After 9/11, I was laid off from my graphic design job and during that lull, I taught myself how to make clothes.  An L.A. girl living in N.Y.C., I was destined to learn how to MAKE and WEAR pants.

Technology and social media have allowed me to think of my line differently than the industry standard.  I want to be inspired by the NOW and not be designing 3 to 4 seasons ahead.  Without those long production periods, I have the freedom to create small and unique production runs.  In my world, Fashion is Art and I want to treat each creation with passion and love.  

Thank you for the support. 



We'd love to hear from you                         Thank you!

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I'd love your participation in designing future items.  
Stay up to date on new productions.  I won't blow you up, promise.